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RUBOX Innovation Ballistic Blocks Wall System

Intercepting bullets up to 18,000 J, which corresponds to a caliber of 12.7 mm

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Highest level
of safety

How we tested RUBOX ballistic blocks

Into 30 cm wall we shot with the following – 9mm LUGER FMJ 90GRAIN, 9mm LUGER FMJ 124 GRAIN, 5,45×39 mm FMJ 60 GRAIN, 5,56×45 mm FMJ 62 GRAIN, 5,56×45 mm FMJ 55 GRAIN, 7,62×39 mm FMJ 123 GRAIN, 338 LAPUA 285 GRAIN, 50 BMG 750 gr A-MAX® Match

In all of tests the ballistic rubber absorbed the bullet without richochet at angle of 15 to 90 degrees.


A specially developed mineral mixture which insures the total loos of the kinetic energy of bullets. The temperature caused by stopping  of bullets is also absorbed . Finally it is possible to separate bullets waste from the rest of granulate. The granulate is also humidity and temperature resistant


RUBOX ballistic rubber  is currently modern ballistic material in the world, macromolecular structure of balistic rubber  automatically seal’s the rubber after the bullets enters the material . That cause that even after firing 3,000 thousand of bullets into 20 cm diameter point let you still use safety RUBOX ballistic blocks.

Low weight of the module: 25 kg

1 Less than hour of construction time
Use cycles
Bullets at each side on block
kg weight of the construction block


The shoothouse can be easly configured using RUBOX ballistic blocks. The blocks provide unlimited possibilities of building in all shapes and sizes allowing to fire in all directions, even at angle of 15 degrees without ricochete of the bullets. Also system allows quick and automatic pinpoint fire. The walls can be installed on any type of the ground. For example to build shootinghouse (3.5 x 2.5 x 2 m) there is needed 3 people and  it is necessary to spend 3 hours. Rubox wall can also be built by one person and it is not required to use any specialist tools, devices or binders. System is also easy to dismantle and to re-locate.


It is very easy, simple and quick to dismanle and clean RUBOX wall. Also when it would become necessary it is easy to replace RUBOX block for a new one. For all of our dealers, agents and customers we can provide training course about servicing, maintaining of the system.